Motor in Frame!!!


Well the heart beat of my 101 is back where it belongs.  Hope to get back after it as soon as the holidays are over.  I have been checking out the exhaust system and the chain guard, looks like the original builder had done a lot of his own mods.  Hope to get it all put back somewhat the way it was.   I have also looked down in my tank and the old white thank cream is coming apart inside and I can see rust behind that.  Once again nothing is going as planned on this supposed to be easy rebuild..

Motor Done!


Well it’s a good thing that the Cannonball isn’t next week as long as it has taken me build this motor.  Head cold, flu, and just a overall things not going my way, made it seem like this thing took months to finish.  This was my first attempt to do nickle plating.  I used the Caswell system and lots of phone time with George Y.  I did my cylinders, heads, intake, and oil pump.  Parts look OK, just have to wait and see what the heat does..  I did replace flywheels with  S&S flywheels from Randy Walker, that worked out real well!!  Then got a rebuilt mag from Marks Mags through Randy as well.  I also want to mention the help that Kent Thompson has been, my right side case was junk and he had a better one..  Thanks again to George, Randy and Kent.

First Snag on 29 Rebuild

Got an email two weeks before Thanksgiving about 2 101’s that were offered to our collection.  The first bike is an unrestored 1929 101 with original paint except for gas tank which was done in the 40’s, so it has the patina to go with the rest of the bike.  The second bike is a 1931 101 hillclimber/TT racer that belonged to the same owner.  Art Buskie of Rockford, Illinois was inducted into the Indian Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1991 and these were two of his bikes.  We were excited to acquire them and add to our 101 collection.