Time to Ride”Damn-it”



Well my scout “Damn-it” is done all but the bicycle speedo.  I hope to get it out and start riding it some.  Last week was a good week in the shop, finished with Damn-it and started up a old hillclimber that I bought during Thanksgiving of last fall (2011).  Took off the front head so I could retime the mag and boy was I surprised!  New pistons inside the grease covered motor.  The valves have a new grind and seat, and the cams and followers where Bonnies…  The hillclimber along with a original paint 29 101 belonged to Art Buskie of Rockford Il, both bikes were his pride and joy even though it looked like the hillclimber may have been in the bottom of a grease pit.  But thats alot better then out back in the leaky barn.  Both bikes run very well, you can check out the hillclimber on my youtube videos posted here on my blog.  I will post the original paint bike later.  Hope everyone is having as much fun as I am with there Cannon Ball ride…  Well the weather looks good outside time to go..

It’s Done…… Or is it????

Well my CannonBall Ride was done about four weeks ago and the cold weather prevented me from making any kind of nice test run.  But I couldn’t wait so I took to the road anyway, and man was I ever surprised!  The motor runs great, clutches are nice, and the ole girl just falls right in gear.  Then came the big surprise as I pulled out on the road and came up to some speed the bike was a nightmare… Read more