“Just putting down miles”

That was what I was told when I asked how everyone was getting along today…..”Just putting down miles!”

Steve, Josh, Jeff and Doug – the Tribal Council, along with Brett continued down Oregon’s coast today and into California.  WhooHoo!  Way to go guys – 2 more days to go!

Today’s ride took them through Redwood Drive in California Read more

Oregon, Oregon, Oregon…..Will We Ever See California

Sorry for the down time yesterday, but with time difference now being 3 hours and the Wednesday night class I’m taking, Steve & I didn’t connect in time for a blog report yesterday. So, here goes for two days, starting with Wednesday…

The guys started out the day with Jeff and Josh running strong, Steve thinking that he may have to change out to the original motor tonight, Doug still running and doing his own thing, Marcin’s bike up and running again and Ian back to riding the Indian Drifter.

Now to explain,  Steve’s bike started cracking and popping Read more

Patience Josh, Slow and Steady

While I haven’t heard from Steve yet this evening, I can only assume that they are still busy servicing and repairing the 101’s this evening.  While all 6 101’s started out this morning, luck was not on Marcin’s side.  About 4 miles into the ride at a stoplight, Marcin was seen pulling over to the side of the road and they haven’t seen him as of lunch today when I last spoke with Steve.  He reported that they were 170 miles into today’s run at that point and only had 129 more miles to go. Read more

Conquering the Rockies

Ginger is ready to go!  Steve called and talked me through this morning’s start of Day 9 headed over the Big Horn Mountains and ending up at Lake Yellowstone.  Steve and Josh talked about taking the Rockies at a nice slow, steady pace while waiting on the signal for their class to start.   Steve said it’s mass confusion as each group starts and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour each day for everyone to get sorted out and paired up with the crew they plan on riding with for the day.  So, it’s kinda like a shuffle or better yet, musical chairs first thing every morning. Read more

The Tribal Council

…..that’s what the 3 remaining 101’s are calling themselves…. The Tribal Council.

The race started with 70 overall cannonball racers and 6 of them were the Indian 101 riders – Steve Rinker #7 of WV, Josh Wilson #89 of VA, Jeff Alperin #101 of FL, Ian Patton #22 from England, Marcin Grela #98 from Poland, and Doug Wothe #88 of Alabama.  Now, as of their arrival in Sturgis, they are down to just three.  Read more

Keeping The Tribe Together

Rain, rain, rain, hot chocolate and more RAIN.  For about the first 6 hours of today’s run, the riders took on water, lots of water!  The temperature at lunch was 57 degrees and with all the rain, they were chilled to the bone when the sun finally came out for the last leg of the trip into Murdo, South Dakota.  They ran 326 miles today, the longest of the event and about 200 of it was in the pouring down rain. Read more