Bringing you up to speed!

Well……after the last post Steve decided that the blogspot must be jinxing him with his progress on getting his bike ready for the Cannonball… he decided NOT to post anything else until the race.   So, while I won’t go into detail on his glitches or preparations, I will say that they guys left this morning and have arrived in Newburg, NY.  They are registered and have passed inspections and are ready for tomorrow’s practice runs and rider’s meetings.

Here’s just a few things that I do know:
1 – He’s decided to talk more softly to his girl and she has taken a liking to him.  While I don’t know her
name, it is no longer Damn-It.   🙂
2 – That after riding many evenings following him on my bike over the last month, I know that he can go
90+miles before he runs slap out of gas.
3 – That he is determined that he will ride over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, no matter what it
takes to get his girl there.
4 – That he was loaded and ready to go on Friday and then unloaded when fellow 101 rider Doug Wothke
#88 called and needed a hand on some repairs on his bike on his way up from Alabama.
5 – That he’s decided that his cannonball number #7 is his lucky number.

So, I hope to update with information about the day’s runs as I get the info from him.

Go Motorcycle Cannonball Rider #7!!!

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