The Pacific Coast

Ginger took Steve to the Pacific Coast and then just couldn’t go anymore.  She held together long enough for him to finish Day 14 and start Day 15 for a total of 61 miles before Steve decided to stop and not tear her completely to pieces.  He values the 101’s too highly to intentionally tear one up.   With two motors with burnt valves, it made no sense to deliberately punish them even more.


So, the guys loaded Ginger up and headed for West Virginia.


You will see in the final results, that Jeff and The Beast finished 4th while Josh finished 5th, Doug 43rd, Steve in 51st, Ian in 59th and Marcin in 66th.  When Steve gets to talk to Josh, he’ll give you a race wrap up next week.

Buck, Dick and Steve are headed back to West Virginia worn out, but already planning the 2014 Cannonball Endurance Race!

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