And So It Begins….

2014 cannoball rebuild 1

Why, you ask, is that frame fastened down to a milling machine?

Well, I was getting ready to load it in my van to take it to the painter’s and was looking at it sitting on the floor of my shop, when I thought it looked a little off.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that my frame is bent, YES BENT!

Dick Jones (one of the “white knights” of my 2012 pitcrew) happened to stop by and helped out with the straightening process.  First, I made up some hold downs to fasten it securely to one of my milling machines.  Then I made a fixture that clamped around the tubing and began the untwisting and straightening.  To our satisfaction, we now have a straightened frame.

I am confident that I won’t be riding sideways down the highway now, so it’s off to the painters…..

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