What a Monday!

Last week seemed to be all about airplanes…..instead of motorcycles.   To start, on Monday we worked on the 1967 Citabria that we’re almost finished building.  It only needs a couple finishing touches and she’ll be ready to feel the wind on her wings.

(I had Jeff, who paints my motorcycles, paint the Citabria…..looks pretty sharp,   if I do say so myself!)

1967 Citabria


Monday afternoon, my dad (Buck) and I went  to Petersburg (W99) to take our 1946 J3 Cub for a ride.  We flew it to Highrock Airstrip (our buddy, Bob Armstrong’s private strip).  On our return flight back to Petersburg, we had the cabane vee on the landing gear break after touchdown, so Tuesday was spent taking it apart and ordering parts needed for its repair.

1946 J3 Cub


Wednesday morning found me moving our 1946 Aeronca Champ from Petersburg to Cumberland airports.

1946 Aeronca Champ

Finally, Wednesday afternoon had me back in the shop where I worked on my Sunnen Hone by fixing the oiler, cleaned out the oil tank, added new oil and got it ready to go.

However,  Thursday had me in Winchester, VA checking out a problem on the aircraft motor for the second Citabria that we have.  It’s a project that we’re going to build upon our return this winter from the Cannonball.   Talked with our engine builder, straightened everything out with him.  Returned home – DAY SHOT!!!!

Friday morning, well, the red car showed up again for a clutch adjustment (“just a couple minutes, Steve”) that ended up needing a new clutch rod made since the old one was bent.  Job completed and back to Cannonball bike.   Installed the valve seats in cylinders…WhooHoo!

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