Thank you Polaris!

Now, here my soapbox sermon for the blog….. With Polaris taking over Indian and all rights that go with the name, they are issuing cease and desist orders all over the antique motorcycle community for all items Indian currently in reproduction with the Indian name and/or logo on it.  Now, while I am in complete agreement for T-shirts, hats, signs and the like, the actual motorcycle parts that are needed to restore these old girls that are all but non-existent and repo parts are what most of us use, I AM NOT!

For instance, my 1936 amp gauge….since I can’t get a repo one now, I have to try to piece and patch on this original to make it work.  Certainly would have been nice to have been able to have gotten one from Kevin Flanagan or the like….no such luck now.

Hopefully, the antique motorcycle community, who are solely responsible for keeping the Indian name alive will one day again be able to have the needed repo parts and pieces to these old girls become available.  If not for guys like my dad, Polaris may have been building a Cleveland, an Ace, or another early bike.


They Gotta Be Round To ROLL

We spent the first week of June working on finishing up the lacing of the wheels and then getting them true, so they would be round to ROLL!  I also worked on the motor until I got to the point of waiting on parts yet again.    So…I worked on getting haymaking equipment ready for the next two weeks of making hay with my wife for her miniature donkeys.  We have 32, yes 32 miniature donkeys to feed through next winter….unless I can convince her that someone else needs them more than her.  Anyone interested……

Anyway, here’s some pictures of the lacing process……