Finishing Touches


So…Rose is ready to go but Steve had to put some last minute finishing touches on Ziggy’s bike once they arrived back in West Virginia from the Blackhawk Chapter Meet in Davenport, Iowa.   Can’t miss the Davenport meet, he’s been going there for over 20 years, it just wouldn’t be right not to go!

However, the mad rush was on.  The guys arrived back to WV late Sunday night, got up Monday and headed to shop to unload the trailer with Davenport “stuff” and repack it with Cannonball “stuff” which included everything but the kitchen sink (and maybe that when I wasn’t looking).  Steve and Ziggy made some last minute adjustments, loaded luggage and the crew and then left by Tuesday at noon.

So far, I’ve heard they’ve made it through registration, bike inspection and are just chilling out!  I’ve gotten some beach pictures and have been told how nice and hot it is.  Not cold, like when I get to go in March to the Sunshine Chapter’s AMCA meet.

Here are a few pics…..

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