Packing Stuff, Stuff and MORE Stuff


So…………saddle bags are packed full, tool roll filled complete with brass hammer for those “heat” of the moment fixes (which I hope he won’t need), and all items required are complete.  Bike DONE!

Now, what to pack …. to clean up, tune up, fix up, or repair anything that could possibly happen on the trip.  If he learned anything from the last Cannonball, it was to expect the unexpected!

Before the last Cannonball, Steve had dreams of hitting a buffalo for several nights.  Then the morning they left Yellowstone, Steve met his “dream buffalo” and was ready for him.  They eyed each other up and came to an understanding as Steve slowly eased by him in the road in  the early morning fog.  I don’t know what he’s been dreaming about before this one, but I do know that he’s been kicking the dickens out of something….whether it’s to kickstart his 84 cu inch Chief or if something been chasing him, but I’m gonna be glad when he goes…I’m starting to get sore. (Ha!)  I also believe that he’s made every possible repair already at least 3 times since the TV comes on at 3 or 4 am in our bedroom and he’s wide awake.  So whatever comes his way for the trip, he should be ready for it.  I’ve told him to hang on and enjoy the ride!!!!

Saddle bags packed!  Bike ready!


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