Pike’s Peak almost into view

museumviewing L-R:  Dottie, Steve, and then Ziggy’s bikes on display in  Burlington, Colorado on Saturday evening  As of Saturday evening at the end of Stage 8, these are three of the only 41 bikes left that have endured ALL THE MILES in this Endurance Race!  Go Indians!

Getting the bikes warmed up Sunday morning  for today’s ride across the prairie and into Colorado Springs for a lunch stop at the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum.  When I talked with Steve this morning he said that the bikes were running “Sweeeeet!”  The cool air and gorgeous weather are a much needed moral booster today after the previous days of riding.  They were looking forward to seeing Pike’s Peak!


Here they are at the start of today’s ride.  Little did they know that Ziggy would get a flat tire today and Steve would end up with a bad battery.  They are currently working on the bikes at of 9 pm EST this evening and I will post later or in the morning more news of today’s run.  However, both bikes did make the full mileage again today.  HURRAY!



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