All Three 1916 Projects

With just under a year until we pull out of Atlantic City and head west, I’d say Dad (Steve Rinker) has his work cut out for him. Here are all 3 bikes.  Justin Rinker will be rider #6, Steve Rinker is rider #7, and Jared Rinker will be rider #37.  The plan is to build 2 to be correct / orginal (with a few upgrades like drop center rims and a front brake) and 1 that is a little more custom (bobbed fender, rigid frame, later scout front forks, etc.).  Mine (Jared Rinker – rider #37) is going to be the 1916 custom bobber.

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My Frame

My frame is a little rough.  1916 Indian Power Plus frames have a “carriage frame” design.  They use leaf springs to provide rear suspension.  It turns out that the entire rear frame section on my newly found frame was corroded so badly that it was not usable.  So we cut it off and welded on an earlier Power Plus rear frame section.  Here is a picture of the final product.  I can ride that from Atlantic City, NJ to Carlsbad, CA no problem!IMG_0622

A serious question

Dad called Justin and I today (3-way call) and said he needed to talk to the 2 of us together because he had a serious question.  He said found another Power Plus frame, and he wanted to know if both of us would commit to riding our own bikes.  Of course we said “Yes” to that!  I mean that’s a no brainer right?  We in turn asked him if he would commit to building a 3rd bike.  Two bikes (1916’s mind you) is a daunting task let alone three!!  What is he thinking?  If anyone can pull this off, it’s him.