Romney Middle School Students Along For the Ride

For the last two Cannonballs, the 7th grade students at Romney Middle School in Romney, WV,  have been along for the ride through Shawn Groves’ US Geography classes.  They have followed Steve’s progress across the United States  learning about the states he travels through, the cities, the national parks and many other fun facts about the US as he rides from coast to coast.  Then, upon his return, he has taken his bike to school for a day and answered questions about his trip.  It has been an amazing experience for both the students and Steve.  During the 2016 Cannonball, Steve added to their learning experience.  He made daily videos about his trip, filled with what they had to do to keep the bikes running, fun facts about where he was and just videos of scenery, like crossing the Mojave Dessert.

So, with the 2018 Cannonball approaching, Steve and his wife, Dee Dee, were anxious to come up with something  to get the students even more involved.  They met with Principal John Watson and came up with a plan.  Steve was going to let the students name his 2018 bike and come up with a mascot or something to add to his bike to travel across the United States with him.  But to do this, that meant that this year’s 6th grade students would be the ones that he had to talk to as they would be in Mr. Groves’ 7th grade class during September of 2018.  Here’s a copy of the assignment that was handed out to the 6th graders last fall. img_2260-1

Once the contest was complete and the votes tallied, Steve’s 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball bike will be named, “Pride Runner,” in honor of the RMS Pioneers and their Pioneer Pride school spirit.  The winning logo was drawn by Zoey Herriott and will be placed on the “Pride Runner.”  Here is the logo:


Steve and I went to school for a day and spoke to all of Ms. April Corbin’s 6th grade US History classes about the history of Indian Motocycles.  Steve also took along his basket case of what would become the “Pride Runner” and built the bike over and over all day long.  The students were full of questions and excitement.  Here’s some pictures from that day:

The last picture is Steve with Zoey Herriott and her winning logo.  Steve promised the students to start sending videos during the building progress of the “Pride Runner” in January and if, the bike was finished before school was out in June, to bring it to school before the September run.  So, when January was just about over and the students had not heard from Steve, they sent Principal John Watson to check on the “Pride Runner.”   And so, the first video on the heartbeat of the “Pride Runner” was made and sent to them.


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