Rain Delay

This morning, riders woke to heavy rain and Jason Sims delayed the start until he got a road report from the early crew that leaves around 3 or 4 am to run the route to make sure of road conditions. They reported flooding, gravel in the road, washouts, let alone the heavy downpour of rain. Plus, the fact that they were calling for lots more rain, they decided to call it for the day. Riders trailered their bikes and rode with support crews to Jamestown, NY. They were instructed to report into the Jamestown HD at 4:00 pm and stay until 6:15 for the Parc Ferme’ in order to get full points for the day. Thankfully, the rain quit about an hour outside of Jamestown, so it was a nice evening. We got to chat with the owner and learn about their shop’s history.

Here’s some pictures loading up this morning.

Once we got to the motel, bikes were unloaded and the hillbilly clothesline was strung.

Here are some shots at the Jamestown HD.

Here are the guys leaving this evening

There seemed to be a lot of strange events…. this crew looks to be plotting something

And I have no idea what the reason for this is as Rick is riding an Indian Ace so he’s a member of the tribe. Bartek from Poland took this 😂. I’m not sure if he’s trying to whisper sweet nothings in his ear or kiss him. 😉

These guys are always up to something and are a fun, easy going group. I’m having a blast on my first Cannonball!

Here are a few pictures of New York scenery.

Tomorrow, the riders will ride 273 miles and go to Bowling Green, Ohio. It will be the longest day to date so hopefully the tribe will hang tough.

Tonight’s to do list included working on Justin’s front brake hub and his rear fender mounting, tightening up his chain, along with routine maintenance. Jared tightened up his chain as well. Ziggy worked on his clutches and brakes again.

Yes, the heat from an Indian will melt Kevlar, so Steve is switching back to his leather chaps that have been on the last three Cannonballs.

There are three things that all who do the Cannonball must learn ….1-Patience, 2-patience and 3-patience!!!! So, remember support crews, patience with those around you. There seemed to be the start of grumbling about those not packing up soon enough. Everyone packs up at a different pace, but we’re all headed to the same next town. It’ll be ok. Patience!

One thought on “Rain Delay

  • So thankful safety first. While you tough folks may truly be able to push your faces into heavy rains at
    45+ mph for six or more hours, but the weak road grips, the extremely serious lack of visibility, and the very significant dangerous competition with dry drivers on cell phones in cars with windshield wipers made for a clearly right call!

    I’ll be waiting in Bowling Green Ohio.

    I pray for the safety of all on the next leg and beyond.


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