Until next time….

Crossing the finish line at Skamania Lodge with a absolutely breathtaking backdrop.

One last day of fun!

A few last interviews – thanks JJ (lollipop kid)

And the end to another amazing ride!

The vision that Lonnie Islam, Jr. had to take museum pieces of motorcycle history and let the world see, learn, enjoy and appreciate their beauty has been one of the greatest adventures that all of us could ever partake in. Steve refers to himself as “not as an owner, but just a caretaker of history for future generations to enjoy.” To have been on this journey firsthand as support crew and driver has been truly amazing! The love and passion of these motorcycles has been shared to anyone and everyone who came in contact with the Cannonball as it journeyed across the United States from Portland, ME to Portland, OR. This addiction is real!!!! It becomes as vital as breathing and until we gather again in 2020….. let the next epic search for the the perfect motorcycle begin for the man against machine endurance experience that rivals no other. It is the MOTORCYCLE CANNONBALL!!!!!!

Thank you Jason and LeeAnn for continuing to carry the torch that Lonnie lit in 2010. ❤️

4 thoughts on “Until next time….

  • I would just like to thank-you so much for creating this page and taking the time to document such an epic adventure!!! At times I had butterflies in my stomach and goosebumps on my skin waiting for the riders to make it from one stop to the next!!! Imagining the chilly sun on your faces and thankful for the heat these machines put off keeping you warm !! Please tell Steve Rinker NOT TO WASH HIS RIDING PANTS!! I would really like to see them in person as I’m sure they will stand on there own!!! I can’t thank-you enough for allowing us all to be part of the #Cannonball2018 with your presence on Social Media!! For this I am very grateful !!! Until next time!!!
    FastForever ,
    Rhett Rotten


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