Hold on Tight!

The guys went on the Going To The Sun road into Glacier National Park yesterday. They said it was amazing!!!!!

I couldn’t go since my ride was too tall and too wide. The guys said they had to watch to keep from hitting the rock face from overhanging rocks and there was no way I could have made it. Next time.

Jason and LeeAnn even saw a grizzly bear

Everyone made all their miles and were glad they went, but said it was one of those “hold on tight” rides. Between the narrow roads, the steep incline and descents, crazy tourists backing out and the sheer cliff drop offs, they were on edge and exhausted when they came in, but full of adrenaline that they had done it!

The nightly maintenance was completed. Justin’s crankcase vent tube vibrated loose and he had to JB weld it.

He took out his plugs, cleaned them, checked the gap and reinstalled them. Justin had to put on another rear exhaust header nut and lock tite it.

Ziggy’s rear exhaust came loose. He had to put a hose clamp and wire it up.

Steve checked over the Pride Runner and she was good to go.

Tomorrow they ride from Kalispell to Spokane Valley for Day 13.

I can’t explain this photo other than Kelly needed Steve. They were staying at different hotels, so Kelly came and picked him up. I’m told they made quite the impression in downtown Kalispell. “Hold on Tight!” ๐Ÿ˜œ

Farmerโ€™s Fix

The cold dampness kept them bundled up on what was one of the most scenic rides yet.

The fog hung on the mountains and looked like snow. The guys all made it in with full miles today. Hurray!

Jared’s bike was the only one with issues today. His tailpipe bracket broke and needed fixed before it fell off. So Steve told them to see if they could find a piece of barbed wire. Sure enough, they did and the repair was made. Thus, the farmers fix.๐Ÿ˜‰

Steve gathered a little extra in case they had to wire anything else.

When the came in it was a short repair night. Jared made his bracket for the tailpipe and Steve had to take his carburetor apart and check the float bowl. It seemed to be sticking today. Then they all completed maintenance and called it a night. I put Steve to bed after a hot shower, a stiff drink and a dose of night quill cough medicine. Hopefully, that combo will ward off the cold he seems to be getting.

Tomorrow they go from Great Falls, MT to Kallispell, MT. It’s supposed to be cool and possibly some rain in the afternoon.

Today, the support crew’s drive was amazing as well.

Here are some pictures I took.

Ping, Ping, Ping

When riding down the road and you hear that sound, you should probably stop and look ๐Ÿ‘€ to see if you’ve lost anything. Steve and Ziggy were riding behind the boys and heard that sound. No one stopped. And…….when they stopped at the next gas stop, sure enough, parts were lost…..off of Justin’s bike. His kicker gear and nut were what came off. So, since Jared’s bike was easier to push start, they took those parts off of his and put them on Justin’s until mile 230 for the day when Justin’s bike went eerily quiet. Yep! Bosch magneto number two went out and Justin was on the sweep. His mag just got too hot and quit. So, they switched it out to a Morris magneto even though it doesn’t have any retard or advance.

Here is Jared coming in first followed by Steve for full miles.

Ziggy checked his neck bearings and the brakes. He did general maintenance as did Steve. Steve also put his shin guards on since it was going to get cold and rain. What else do you willing get up at 5:30 am in the morning for knowing you’re going to ride in the rain and be cold all day? Only the Cannonball!!

Here’s the scenery from Sturgis to Billings through Wyoming and into Montana.

The guys were up and ready to go dressed for the weather that awaited them on the mountain.

Whatโ€™s The Hammer For?

The guys all have a tool roll with a hammer and I love to hear all the answers they give when asked that question. Mine is to be like Doug Wothke๐Ÿ˜‰. Their most given explanation is, “you see there’s a lot of our buddies that ride Harleys, and when they break down we use the hammer to help them fix it!” ๐Ÿ˜†

In actuality, you would be amazed at how much those hammers are actually used by all the guys who carry them!

It was just like Christmas come early when Bartek gave Steve this polish version of a hammer. Look closely, it’s also a wrench!!!

The rest day was spent jamming to some AC/DC Pandora while completing general maintenance and other repairs.

Jared manufactured a new bracket to hold his rear fender together where the hinge had broke earlier on. Then he replaced his rear tire, a master link, tightened his chain, worked on his speedo, added some p-clamps.

Speaking of P-clamps, that was a trip in itself here in Sturgis yesterday when I stopped at a parts store and asked for an assortment of them in different sizes. You would have thought I had three heads. The three guys I talked to were clueless and I had to draw them a picture of one. I was afraid I was going have to break out the crayons as well๐Ÿ˜‚. (I told Steve we should have run up to the airport before we left and got some out of the stash we have at the hangar where the plane is). Anyway, finally found some at a hardware store in town. WhooHoo!

Steve put the nut in his seat spring and put the bolt he needed in his rollup windshield. He completed general maintenance and checked his mag. Ziggy and Justin completed maintenance.

Justin replaced his spark plugs. Justin also reworked the gear shifter he made in Bowling Green to fit his hand better.

Riders and support crew stopped by all day looking for and sometimes finding something they needed, whether it was a part or to borrow a tool of some sort. It’s cool to see these guys all working together to help each other out.

And yes, the vise was used numerous times today.

Tomorrow they will ride out of Sturgis and arrive in Billings, MT after 294 miles.

The plan is to go into town tonight for a delicious hot meal and then a good night’s rest to begin the final stretch to the finish.

Thank Heavens He Ran Out of Quarters

Things are starting to get out of control so it’s lucky they’ll all have a rest day tomorrow in Sturgis.

The guys rolled into Sturgis this evening with full miles and on time. They went through the Badlands National Park, saw Mt Rushmore and came through the town of Deadwood.

Steve’s adventures today included a wild bronc ride. (I have the hidden camera video) Then, he apparently rode through some ๐Ÿ bees while trying to take pictures. Yes, I said while riding his motorcycle ๐Ÿ. He first got stung on a finger of the hand he was holding his phone with and got it shook off. However, the two that got into his helmet, he had to come to an abrupt halt and get his helmet off!!! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

The guys are working on diagnosing Kelly’s motor tonight and then have repairs to attend to tomorrow on theirs.

Here are some pictures of today’s ride

Tagโ€”-Youโ€™re It!

Miles and miles and miles, 314 in all of nothing

So, what do you do to overcome boredom–selfies!

And, handlebar tag! Steve and Ziggy’s new challenge of tapping grips. Let’s all just pray they don’t end up having a yard sale along the road!

They made it to the halfway point today. They are all looking forward to the rest day in Sturgis. You can’t tell it from their enthusiasm or the pace they walk, but you can see the glimmer of hope in all their eyes of all day off WITHOUT having too many motorcycle repairs to get done that day.

The guys finished up in Steamboat Park along the Missouri River in Pierre, SD yesterday to an awesome prime rib sandwich meal. During the bike display, they noticed that Justin had a crack on his exhaust manifold on the front cylinder. Repairs were made and they are going to keep a close eye on it. They may half to switch out a cylinder in Sturgis. (That glimmer is fading)

Ziggy had to repair his taillight.

Jared polished on his and completed maintenance He also stretched out and made some calls.

The vise got used again

Tomorrow will take them through the Badlands National Park, Mt Rushmore, through the town of Deadwood and finishing in Sturgis. 294 miles in all and then a day off before the last half of the race.

A few pictures of them leaving yesterday morning.

Some of my scenery pictures

Feeling ๐Ÿธ Froggy

The guys had a long day. They had a fuel stop with no fuel and a food stop at lunch with no food by the time they got there

Riders were a little panicked. Chris Tibbey rolled in and was out of fuel. Steve saw guys along the road closeby from the Iowa DOH and he went and borrowed fuel from them and gave it to Chris to get him on his way.

This evening, about three miles out Steve’s fuel line broke and he borrowed a piece of hose from Ziggy to fix it. The guys all left him to get in on time themselves as they were cutting it close. Justin rolled in first, then Jared, followed by Ziggy. Then Steve arrived with minutes to spare. Full miles again.

Indian hosted dinner this evening, gave factory tours and all the Indian riders were given a bell.

This morning when Justin got his Ace sticker for completing all his miles he cut it in half and gave one half to Clint

However, when the guys were servicing their bikes this evening Jared caught a toad and snuck it into Steve’s saddle bags. A little while later when I was filling bottles with marvels, I asked Steve for his bottles. Sure enough, when he opened the bags, the toad jumped out and hit Steve in the face and he just about had a heart attack. He ran out in the parking lot fussing and cussing while the boys were all but on the ground laughing so hard ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚. Everyone lived to ride another day!